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Brave love story of Prithviraj Chauhan and Sanyogita

Brave love story of Prithviraj Chauhan and Sanyogita

It is believed that every brave heart is mad in love with a beautiful woman and vice-versa.  Brave man is always very soft by heart and is often a very passionate lover. The same thing was with one of the greatest Rajput kings of India, Prithviraj Chauhan. He was madly in love with Sanyogita, daughter of Jai Chand. But the love story first started from the side of Sanyogita. Every woman wants a brave life partner who can impress her and make her proud. It would be strange to know that before losing their hearts they had not even seen each other. Sanyogita had fallen in love with Chauhan by just hearing about his stories and seeing his photo whereas the brave king lost his heart to the princess by just hearing a poem dedicated to her beauty.

Prithviraj Chauhan was one of the bravest and most fierce warriors of his time. Even bravest of bravest warriors were hesitant in facing him. He grew up playing with weapons. He had just entered his manhood when his father Someshwar Chaunhan passed away and Prithviraj became the king of Ajmer. His grandfather Anangpal was the ruler of Delhi and co-incidentally he also passed away soon after that but before dying he handed over his rule to Prithvi and he became the ruler of Delhi also. But Anangpal over looked his another grandchild Jaichand and due to this Jai Chand started hating Prithviraj. But who knew the fate that one day Prithvi Raj will fall in love with Jai Chand’s daughter only.

After becoming the king of Ajmer and Delhi he started expanding his kingdom and more he got success the more Jai Chand hated him. Everyone started discussing the courage and strength of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Even people in the kingdom of Jai Chand and somehow it reached the palace of Sanyogita. She was so impressed with Prithvi Raj’s bravery tales and she wanted to hear his stories all the time. Jai Chand came to know about this and he banned everyone from discussing Chauhan’s stories in his courtyard. It became a crime to discuss about Chauhan in his kingdom and any one found doing it had to lose his/her life. But these orders could not stop Sanyogita from discussing about Prithvi Raj Chauhan. She used to be lost in his thoughts. Sanyogita still talked about her love but now only with her close people. Chauhan still had no knowledge about this and Sanyogita’s madness for her.

One day Prithvi Raj Chauhan’s closest court man, poet and artist Panna Rai recited a wonderful poem based on a beautiful woman. After listening the poem, emperor asked Panna Rai that does the kind of woman described in poem exist in real world. Panna Rai told the king that he had seen such a beauty somewhere but he does not remember where. Chauhan ordered him to find that girl. Actually Panna Rai had already met Sanyogita before reciting the poem to Chauhan and actually he was doing her work only.

Panna Rai had once gone to Jai Chand’s kingdom as an artist. When Chand came to know that Rai is an eminent artist, he asked him to make a painting of his daughter. When he met Sanyogita, she asked him whether he knew something about Prithvi Raj Chauhan’s bravery. Rai told her that he knows many and in fact he has seen his bravery himself. He started narrating Chauhan’s stories to her but this was not enough for the princess. Rai then requested Sanyogita to see his paintings. He showed so many paintings of Prithviraj Chauhan but Sanyogita wanted more and more. At last Panna Rai showed her a painting in which a lion was desperate to hunt down a deer but it was not able to reach near the deer because Chauhan had caught the lion’s tail. She was so impressed by the painting that she forgot she was with many people and started running her fingers through the painting. When she returned from her fantasies she urged Panna Rai to make a beautiful painting of her. After painting was ready, Rai showed that painting to the princess. She started writing something on the painting. After she had done Sanyogita urged Rai to deliver this painting to Chauhan. She had written Prithviraj Chauhan to accept her with this picture.

After returning to Delhi, Panna Rai wrote that poem keeping in mind the beauty of Sanyogita. When Chauhan ordered him to find the girl which Rai had mentioned, He showed the same picture to his King. Now Chaunhan was awestruck after seeing Sanyogita. Even he was also under love of Sanyogita but the real problem was how to meet because both the families had a very ugly relation. There was a great risk in meeting each other but Chauhan was determined to meet her on any condition. He tried to meet Sanyogita many times but could not succeed. In the meantime the emperor’s mother asked him to come on Koteshwar pilgrimage which fell under Kannauj. Initially Chaunhan was reluctant to go there because great deal of risk was involved in that but eventually he agreed. He disguised himself and left with his mother. One day he was strolling inside the premises of temple lost in thoughts of his love. Meanwhile Sanyogita without informing her father came to the temple with some of her friends. Chauhan was completely lost in his thoughts suddenly came to his senses when he bumped into someone. He felt very sorry and offered his hands to the girl for help but when the king saw Sanyogita, he was shocked because she was the same girl which he had seen in that painting. Now both of them were speechless and kept looking at each other for quite some time. As there was no place to talk there, they both returned to their places. After returning to her home Sanyogita was completely desperate in love of Prithvi Chauhan. She started living completely lost and started looking for a chance to meet Prithviraj all the time.

Jai Chand was livid when he came to know that his daughter is in love with his enemy. He warned Sanyogita to forget Chauhan but she was madly in love. She had decided that she will marry Chauhan else would remain unmarried throughout her life. In spite of her father’s warning Sanyogita somehow started sending her message to Prithviraj.

When Jai Chand saw that his daughter is completely out of his hands the king decided to arrange a swayamvar (practice in which girl chooses her bride groom) for Sanyogita. He invited number of rulers from all over country but did not invite Prithviraj Chauhan. Jai Chand also placed a statue of Prithviraj Chauhan outside the gate to insult him. Sanyogita reached the swayamvar place on time and directly went towards the entry guard and put the garland around the neck of Prithviraj Chauhan’s statue. Chauhan was present outside the court with some of his well trusted soldiers. As soon as Sanyogita put the garland around the statue Prithviraj he lifted the princess on his horse and fled towards Delhi. Jai Chand’s soldiers tried hard to catch Prithviraj Chauhan but his horse was talking to the air. As soon as he crossed the border of Kannauj, Chauhan’s soldiers were waiting there. After that Prithviraj Chauhan enterd his capital proudlu and with great pomp and show married Sanyogita making her the queen of his kingdom. It is truly believed that challenge makes a love stronger and that what happened here. Their love story has become an inspiration for many true lovers.



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