This Stain will not wash out Sushma Swaraj

Sabka sath, sabka vikas, this slogan of BJP Government has raised many questions on the party, not because of its meaning, but actually because of the question ‘kiska sath, kiska vikas’. As of now, the present tag on Modi government is of Corporate ki sarkar, and Prime Minister Modi’s image is most affected with any action that validates this accuse.

The so called involvement of foreign affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has put a Big Question Mark on Government’s role.  As per reports, she went out of her way to get Lalit Modi, travel documents from the British government because his passport had been invalidated by the Indian government for his alleged violation of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). In connection with the case, the Enforcement Directorate also had issued a blue corner notice against him.

In October 2013, the then spokesperson of BJP ,Nirmala Sitaraman called lalit Modi a ‘Fugitive’, and said BJP abides by law of the country. Any tweet of lalit Modi stating his connection with BJP is counterfeit. An year later, foreign affairs minister Sushma swaraj is doing all favors to a ‘Fugitive’ on so called ‘humanitarian grounds’. Saying that she did whatever she could do for any other Indian, swaraj shunned out from the whole issue. But BJP can’t flick tail from the matter as opposition has strongly raised voice on standards of BJP government and Rahul Gandhi’s statement of Suit Boot ki sarkar has become stronger in a way.

However on the contrary, BJP is constantly justifying the undue help to Lalit Modi by asking the Congress about Warren Anderson and Quattrocchi. But that’s where party exposes its double standards. Giving a statement that Lalit Modi was only Fugitive for UPA Government, is ignoring the strong facts of the scam that Lalit Modi did. Is India a banana republic, where Action of impropriety isn’t a big deal? For any government, it implicates the same approach.

According to media reports that emerged so far, Swaraj’s daughter was a lawyer for Lalit Modi and the British MP Keith Vaz who was mediating for him reportedly helped secure an admission for a Swaraj relative at Sussex. More over, by Lalit Modi’s own tweets, he is close to some BJP leaders.

Swaraj’s action has punched a big hole in the BJP government’s claims of corruption or scam free governance. And congress is demanding that Sushma Swaraj should immediately be expelled from the cabinet on basis of abuse of discretionary powers and exploiting conflict of interests.

It is the fact that 10 years of UPA government has filled up Country’s lap with number of scams and loss. And Prime Minister Modi’s drive to Rebuild India’s image as a powerful country is appreciable. But these actions taken by cabinet ministers will put on an iota of doubt on all such efforts. Rahul Gandhi has put PM under palisade of this matter stating PMO’s interference in all ministries.

It is however, really difficult for a layman, to understand all this. But as per media reports such actions of favoritism harm conviction of a common man in his government. Politics and business have played their role over each other at times, and they are intact at their places. And Modi’s help is another imputation on Modi Government and this time it is going to be very hard to come out of this.

By: Ruman Hashmi (Chief Editor-Newsleaks)