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Sri lanka to Launch its First Satellite in 2015


COLOMBO: China will help Sri Lanka launch its first satellite by 2015, officials said.

National company SupremeSAT said it has reached an agreement with Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Investment for $20 million for the project. An agreement was reached with the state-owned China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) to develop, manufacture and launch the satellite, Xinhua reported.

The company hopes to take advantage of Sri Lanka’s orbital position-50 degrees East-and launch the island’s first telecommunications satellite by 2015.

“We already have two satellites in orbit built jointly with the Chinese company and we hope to launch our satellite by 2015, which will be the first in Sri Lanka,” a SupremeSAT official told Xinhua.

CGWIC is the only commercial organization authorized by the Chinese government to provide satellite and commercial launch services and conduct international space cooperation activities.

SupremeSAT will provide all kinds of telecommunication services, including broadband and network services, various transmission solutions, and other services such as e-government and e-learning.

SupremeSAT President R.M. Manivannan said the company is consulting with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to obtain the necessary approval for the launch.


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