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Feliciano’s new CD dedicated to Elvis Presley


Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Jose Feliciano will soon come out with a new album dedicated to Elvis Presley.

Feliciano said Wednesday in an interview with EFE that he decided to create the new album because he had followed Presley’s music since he was 11 and living in New York after his parents moved there from the central Puerto Rican town of Lares.

The 61-year-old artist said that he had recorded eight of the 12 songs appearing on the album in the studio at his home.

He also said that he identified with Presley because both were born in poverty, and he added that the first time he saw a toilet was when he came to New York.

In the Big Apple he also became a fan of the “king of rock and roll” without forgetting the Puerto Rican music of artists such as Tito Rodriguez, Davilita, Felipe Rodriguez, the Vegabajeno Trio, Johnny Albino and the Mayari Quartet.

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