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Provide More Jobs to Retired Defence Personnel says Antony


The Army has instructed its officers not to post their resumes on the Internet in order to obtain employment with the armed forces after retirement.

A June 5 letter from the Military Secretariat, addressed to all commands, states, “We have recently received inquiries from officers requesting permission to post resumes on the Internet or to publish/disseminate similar data while in the service…. Such action is tantamount to negotiating a commercial employment relationship while on duty, which cannot be allowed as it violates existing policy.

With emphasis and a warning to act, the letter added: “Under policy, Defense Service officers are not permitted to negotiate commercial employment in any manner while in service after retirement.

“All officers are advised to seek approval for post-retirement commercial employment, if necessary, only after retirement, as per policy.”

In the last session of Parliament, Defense Minister AK Antony had told the Rajya Sabha that the government was considering a proposal that would not allow Defense Ministry officers to work in the private sector until five years after retirement.

The Defense Ministry has proposed introducing a five-year cooling-off period for brigadiers and senior officers, as many of them will work as middlemen for defense companies after retirement.

Currently, the cooling-off period is one year, whereas it used to be two years. The employment of defense ministry officers in private companies had created a political storm when the then army chief, retired Gen. VK Singh, alleged that retired Lt. Gen. Tejinder Singh had lobbied for Tatra trucks and offered him $14 million as a bribe to approve the purchase.

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